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Women in Physics
University of Mississippi

Physics GRE

If you want to go on to physics graduate school, you will likely need to take the Physics GRE during the fall of your senior year. The test is usually given three times a year in April, September, and October. To register go to the ETS website. You can also apply for a reduced fee if you qualify.

Study Resources


CUWiP – The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics is a great opportunity to meet other students from around the US.
APS – The American Physical Society holds two main meetings in March and April, where thousands of physicists get together to present their latest results. As an undergraduate, it is FREE to become a member. Members also receive a free copy of the Physics Today magazine.
AAS – The American Astronomical Society holds two main meetings a year. You can find career opportunities on their website, such as summer internships and jobs.

More Resources

The Physics Nucleus is a fantastic website to find research and internship opportunities, scholarships, and SPS chapters in the US.